The Lost and Found Birmingham - Restaurant Bar Review

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Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

The Lost and Found is a city centre cocktail come restaurant bar in Birmingham based around a very unique period in twentieth century history. Not only based around the Victorian era as a whole, this cool and quirky bar in Birmingham is based around one very adventurous explorer, Hettie G. Watson. With the drinks and decor mimicking this historical theme at every turn.

The Venue

As soon as you walk into The Lost and Found you feel like you've been transported back in time. Grandiose high ceilings, floor to ceiling bookcases, tree stump tables and retro furniture make for an amazing city centre retreat. There's an area for everyone in The Lost and Found; be it sitting pretty in amongst their raised and rather quaint garden trellace, cosy in amongst their broody bookcases or nestled in the deep purple luxuries of their raised boudoir booths. The Lost and Found have done their Victorian theme proud.

If you look close enough in The Lost and Found then there's a secret bar waiting to be uncovered too. Lovely and loitering behind a hidden bookcase, I was so impressed to find this bar was an Aladdin's cave of vintage furniture, vintage artwork and vintage styled drinks. 

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The Lost and Found is a charming venue for date night and after work drinks in Birmingham alike.

The Food and Drink

With an accomplished list of over 20 unique and tailored cocktails under The Lost and Found's belts, I thought it was best to start with a drink based around the findings of the very lady that influenced this bar in the first place. Starting with the Pot and Kettle Punch from Hettie G. Watson's very own menu, I was knocked into a taste sensation from the outset. Fresh, well made and downright scrummy, I was pleased to find that starting bold was a great place to begin. 

Whilst starting bold, I was sadly scrapped for time when it came to grub. But whilst having a little look see over the menu I was pleased to see so many palettes catered for. From your regular ol' fish and chips to half a lobster, I doubt anyone find it a hard job to find something to eat on this great, traditionally British menu. 

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Cocktail bars in Birmingham don't come more unique than at The Lost and Found. 

The Atmosphere and Clientele

While we may have visited on something that seemed like a quiet weekday, it was really lovely to see that no matter your favour, The Lost and Found could be the destination for you. From local students to dining couples, there's a welcoming and warm attitude that was even more encouraged by our honest (and very well educated in the art of cocktails) bartender. Note the great retro classics playing during the week too, Whitney Houston went down well with my Pot and Kettle Punch!

Probably best for after work drinks or dinner during the week, the bar is big enough and seating space ample to take on a weekend heavy crowd no matter the size. And what with a few hidden quirks such as that private and secret bar I previously mentioned, everyone feels like an explorer in The Lost and Found no matter what day of the week. 

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The Lost and Found is a buzzing venue on a Friday or Saturday Night in Birmingham


Teetering very nicely at the top of a quirky revolution in Birmingham, it was nice to find such a unique retreat behind the throngs of busy shopping streets in Brum. The Lost and Found bar is at the very top of my favourites list too, an amazing place with a unique charm!