New bar spy - The Launderette

Suds & Duds washes away as The Launderette takes its place on Gas Street

The Launderette

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What they say:

The Launderette is a new secret cocktail bar that's opening in Birmingham in the near future. Moving into the former residence of Suds & Duds on Gas Street, the new bar will likewise hide behind the facade of a retro launderette, complete with soap machines, tumble dryers and steel washing machines. Offering an escape from the bustle of everyday life in the city, this speakeasy bar hopes to become Birmingham's worst kept secret. 

What we say:

Details are beyond thin on the ground. All we know if the venue's names and its rough location. In truth, we probably have no right to write this article, but we just couldn't contain ourselves after hearing the exciting news and just had to tell you all. Tapping into Britain's obsession with hidden bars, we reckon The Launderette will have no problem avoiding the proverbial lint trap that Suds & Duds fell into. We're excited to see how things unfold.