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Private hire only
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Private hire only
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Wednesday 20:00 03:30
Private hire only
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Friday 21:30 03:30
Saturday 21:30 03:30
Private hire only
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The Ultimate cheese fest, Infernos pays homage to disco, pop and all that glitters, and in the heart of Clapham no less!

Weekend club nights provide the chance to relive those glory days of university, partying and being YOUNG! Attracting a crowd in their mid to late twenties, Infernos plays everything from Beyonce to the Baywatch theme tune, Queen and the latest One Direction - this is a seriously fun party.

If you wanna get down to a soundtrack of the ultimate pop tunes from throughout the ages, look no further than Infernos in Clapham. From pocket friendly drinks and a buzzing mixed crowd, Infernos is a wild night on the strictly neon tiles where fancy dress and booming cheesy hits come as standard. 


Hire a private karaoke room for you and your friends, and sing to your hearts content! With views across the Infernos dance floor, you can perform like a popstar to all of your fans. The rooms are inexpensive to hire, and come with their own bar service! What are you waiting for?

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Drink prices

  • Pint of Lager-
  • Pint of Real Ale-
  • Bottle of Lager£4.80
  • Bottle of Cider£5.50
  • Cocktail£7.95
  • Spirit and Mixer£7.95
  • Large Glass of Wine£5.50
  • Bottle of House Wine£19.90
  • Bottle of Champagne£59.00
  • Jaeger Bomb£7.90

Venue hire information

Minimum spends are to be used as a guide and will vary depending on each enquiry.
For timings please refer to Opening Times. Late licences may be available on enquiry.

Features & Venue Info

  • Activities: Karaoke
  • Outdoor space: None
  • Dress code: No sportswear
  • Sports screening: No sport shown
  • Disabled facilities: Disabled Toilets

Infernos Reviews

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Average rating (from 14 ratings) 3

Yes it was great fun like the music and floor was bit wet but the staff was doing there best but need more improvment.. Deffo ce back again for more fun
I had my birthday here and it was amazing! We were a little bit late but they bumped our time back so we still had 2 full hours. There were many different songs and the sound system was great! The only downside was that the air conditioning didn't work for the first little bit but they got it up and running after a while. And infernos has GREAT music generally so we stayed for a couple hours after! I would definitely recommend doing karaoke here!
Had a great night- good cheesy music to dance to, lots of space, drinks fairly reasonably priced to comparable venues. £10 to get in seems pricey, but about what I'd expect to pay in any nightclub really. Only downside were there were lots of men physically grabbing us and making us feel uncomfortable and unfortunately in the end we had to leave as a result. But that's not really Infernos fault. Would go there again definitely.
If you are looking for eclectic music and classy cocktails then this isn't the place for you, but if you are just going out with a bunch of mates, to drink and have a laugh then Infernos can't be beaten!
Fun and guaranteed a good time here, Infernos is a must when drinking in Clapham!
Great place to celebrate Birthday, very friendly staff and really easy way to book a table!!!! Recommend 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this place is cheese-tastic! loved the night out - we danced all night - there was always another great tune on! wana try out the karaoke next time definitely!
relive your student days with cheesy lots. pure carnage
Think the ratings here are a bit harsh! It is what it is! Want a uni esque night out in London then head here! fun cheesy music!
A guilty pleasure. Everyone denies going there but if you're in a big group and fancy a bit of cheesy music, its not THAT bad. Bit of a meat market tho
Not ideal if you want to leave Uni type clubs behind you. That's all it reminded me of.
Dislike dislkie dislike - if you want to be reminded of those horrible clubs you had to go to as a fresher where the music is terrible, the floors are sticky and the drinks taste like they are made up of white label spirits and cheap orange squash then this is definately your bag....if not then stay well away. My advice for anyone who is dragged into a night here, get drunk enough to forget you were ever will fit right in and won't have the disturbing memories!
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Does do exactly what it says on the tin! Not everyone's cup of tea - commercial music, pi$$ed collared grads, scantily clad young women and generally a messy night. Go in a group and drink (lots). Otherwise stay well clear!
Been a lot over the years! perfect for when i first came to London! Students..young young drinks..commercial music etc... does what it says on the tin basically!


Infernos Special

Guest list entry and free drink at Bison and Bird: arrive between 7pm-9:30pm and try one of their fabulous cocktails. Enjoy a complementary Mai Tai, Woo Woo or glass of bubbly, plus a VIP queue jump into Infernos.

2 for 1 Cocktails!

Every Friday and Saturday before 11pm. Jugs £14.90


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